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Ciudad Furia

Fall 2023

Technique: Gouache, watercolor, colored pencils. 

Editing on Adobe Photoshop

A day and night in the life of a city full of monsters, all with their activities, work, emotions, fury and all. Welcome to Ciudad Furia.  

gouache illustration of various monsters living in a furious city. Editorial illustration
Mixed media editorial illustration of vampire monster waking up early. Illustration inspired in Nosferatu
Editorial illustration of octopus like monster being late in the morning. Gouache illustration and mixed media
Editorial illustration of monster melting from humidity and heat. Mixed media illustration
Editorial illustration of a group of monsters forming a line. Illustration of monsters living in a city and their routines. Mixed media drawings
Editorial illustration of monsters riding the subway. Commute hours full of stress and anger. Mixed media drawing
Editorial illustration of monsters during traffic. Mixed media illustration
Editorial illustration of monster in the rain. Mixed media illustration
editorial illustration about a date gone wrong. Mixed media illustration
Editorial illustration of dragon and dentist. Mixed media and collage illustration
Editorial illustration portraying the fear of walking alone, presence of shadows and medieval like drunk monsters. mixed media illustration
Editorial illustration of monster claw squishing a bag of rice. Mixed media illustration showing the anger behing inflated products at the supermarket
Editorial comic illustration of vampire mosquito attacking its new victim. Humorous mixed media illustration
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