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Mariana Ramírez de Pascual

Mexican Illustrator and Designer.  

Hello! My name is Mariana or "Marianeta" and I´m a Designer and Illustrator based in Mexico City, currently living in Buenos Aires. I studied Industrial Design at university, although my true passion has always been drawing and creating cute chubby animals, characters, and monsters. 

My creations are carefully designed to be different, friendly and curious, with a unique beauty and full of love.


My work promises to always make you smile and find solace in this hectic  and very noisy world.  The techniques I create with, are primarily watercolours, but lately I've dipped my toes into gouache, colored pencils and digital.

As a fully-loaded introvert, I LOVE to daydream, drink lots of tea and coffee, watching movies/ binging shows and just chill. 

Marianeta Freelance Illustrator and Designer who works in all things cute with humor and love.

Professional Interests

Children's Book Illustration

Editorial Illustration

Toy and Product Design

Packaging Design

Merchandise and Art Licensing

Blue monster and kitty being fluffy together



BA Industrial Design

Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico

2019- Present

Self- taught Illustration

Mexico City, Mexico

Buenos Aires, Argentina

2023- Present

Postgraduate in Professional Illustration

Universidad de Buenos Aires, 


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